In 2016, SMERI in its current corporate form turned 50, but its origins date back even earlier, when Francesco Pirrone, the founder, printed and sold special papers in Milan. Customers used the papers to record the data collected by various instruments and gave the engineer Pirrone the inspiration for a new activity:

the import and sale of tools for industrial regulation and automation.

The company is still owned by the family. Since 2003, with the arrival of the new general manager Alberto Bagagli, the company has begun a gradual expansion.

The growth of the company both for collaborators and for warehouse movements has required a better structure and position over time.
In 2019, SMERI found a modern solution in Assago (Milan), with large offices and a convenient warehouse, a testing laboratory, and a spacious meeting room for business discussions and training courses.

The proximity to the highways and the connection by subway or bus to Milan make the site easily accessible.

SMERI is therefore of an important age, but it is a company formed by a young and dynamic team, which is based on simple but fundamental concepts: quality, speed, flexibility, and state-of-the-art solutions.

The new SMERI headquarters


From the historical archive of SMERI

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